Meeting  any aesthetic need for the wellness of contemporary men.

This is the goal that  DNG-Group has set in the world through its brand: #Barba Italiana.

Offering to every man, in every country, a complete line of professional products dedicated to men’s health and strongly representing  the Made in Italy.


The naturalness of raw materials, the vitality of essential oils, the respect for the environment, the sophisticated packaging, the efficiency, safety, attention to detail and in-depth study of each function are an expression of a will that underlies the project: excellence in male beauty; that’s how #Barba Italiana was born.


Conceived and created in 2015 by young entrepreneur Giacomo De Nardis, it is enjoying major success in a global scale and in just two years has reached twenty-seven countries in the world.

Thanks to the clear vision of providing cosmetic excellence, #Barba Italiana offers services involving the harmony of the senses, based on products with innovative formulations without parabens, paraffin, gmo, sls, sles and silicones, together with everything that nature offers us from the origins.


Training, design combined to tradition and innovation are indeed the winning combination for #Barba Italiana which thanks to this union gives birth to three business divisions: #Barba Italiana Training, #Barba Italian Design and #Barba Italiana Tech to meet to specific requests of hairdressers and their clients.

The study, research and the will to excel by the team led to an ambitious project: Muràn, a combination of tradition, art, wellness and technology that will drive you to a heavenly dimension thanks to the aromas of essential oils and the fragrance of pure and endless sea.


Welcome to #Barba Italiana, welcome to the new world of male wellness.



The complete line for the man


#Barba Italiana a marriage among tradition, innovation and poetry with the will to unite the nature and all it has to offer at the maximum aesthetic sustainable signed Made in Italy. A concept of global male-grooming from the beard care to the hair health.


The aim is to relaunch as vintage style the attention towards the contemporary man with a wellness ritual that involves the harmony of senses.


The naturalness of the essential oils


The vitality of the essential oils is the basis of the products #Barba Italiana. These oils are present in the leaves, the petals of flowers, the wood of the singular plants in the form of tiny drops which contain several active ingredients that hold a remarkable revitalizing power whereof all the organism can benefit from it.


In fact the essential oils, since the ancient times, were used to solve many problems giving wellness and good health.


The quality made in Italy


An essential choice for #Barba Italiana is to present its range of products studied, made and packed completely in Italy in order to guarantee to the consumer the added values that the Made in Italy offers: safety, design, functionality, style and care of the details.

prodotti cura trattamento salute capelli uomo barba italiana

Hair care

We dedicate particular attention ensuring a series of high quality professional products; made without parabens, paraffin, GMOs, SLS and SLES they contain an high percentage of essential oils that are the basis of the products #Barba Italiana.

spazzola prodotti cura barba italiana

Beard care

From here is born everything; the line for the beard care is composed of four products that have launched #Barba Italiana in the world. That contain different active ingredients that enclose a significant revitalizing power which the whole body can benefit of it.

gel pre rasatura spray dopo barba italiana


Do you want a perfect shave? Do you desire products quick to use and usable at any time of the day without the need to have a sink next to you? #Barba Italiana offers two suitable solutions for these needs of the modern man but also for the hairdresser.


Discover the line for

the male hairstyle

Seven different solutions fit for the needs of the modern man.

Based on Grapeseeds extracted from grapes of fine italian vineyards, rich of antioxidants and minerals.



The Muràn project (Murano Island in the Venetian dialect) was born from the research laboratories of #BarbaItaliana with the will to unite the marine part of nature, to the endless cosmetic properties that it has.

Muràn: a combination of tradition, art, technology and wellness that will take you to a heavenly dimension thanks to the aromas of essential oils and scents of pure and endless sea.

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