Shaving care

  • Energizing shaving essence STROMBOLI


    A combination of Orange and Bergamot essential oils to lend a energizing and aromatherapic sense of pleasure to the shaving experience.


    Available in 20 ml format

  • Refreshing shaving essence ETNA


    A combination of Eucalyptus and Mint essential oils to lend a refreshing and aromatherapic sense of pleasure to the shaving experience.


    Available in 20 ml format

  • Calming shaving essence VESUVIO


    A combination of Lavender, Azulene, Bisabolol and Lemongrass to lend a calming and aromatherapic sense of pleasure to the shaving experience.


    Available in 20 ml format

  • MONTE BIANCO shaving mousse


    Ecological shaving mousse refill, without gas. It moisturizes, soothes and facilitates the razor movement, without being aggressive on the skin, preparing it for the shaving ritual.


    Available in 150ml format

  • GRAN PARADISO aftershave cream


    Softening aftershave cream with Edelweiss extract, Liquorice, Horse Chestnut and Blackcurrant.


    Available in 100ml format

  • CRISTALLO elixir


    A concentrated elixir recommended for after shaving, with Edelweiss, Liquorice, Horse Chestnut and Blackcurrant, with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


    Available in 10 ml format

  • DANTE shaving gel


    Soothing gel for shaving with smooth and fluid texture and transparent coloration.


    Available in 100ml format

  • VIRGILIO post-shave spray


    Post-shaving spray with organically grown Chamomile extract, Bisabolol, Menthol and Hyaluronic Acid, ideal for sensitive and delicate skin. Thanks to the innovative bag on valve system, the product has numerous advantages for the customer and the environment.


    Available in 75ml format



The Edelweiss flower, grown on protected farms, is rich in components with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, emollient, moisturizing and soothing properties. Some substances belonging to the family of flavonoids improve blood circulation, generating more oxygen in the tissues and blocking the development of free radicals.
It stimulates anti-hyaluronic and anti-collagen activity, gives the skin a pearly look and leaves it pleasantly soft to the touch.


according to #BarbaItaliana style

Do you want a perfect shave? Are you looking for prêt-à-porter products that are easy to use at any time of the day? #Barba Italiana offers many solutions suitable for the needs of modern men and hairdresser.

#Barba Italiana products dedicated to shaving consist of Dante shaving gel, Virgilio aftershave spray, Cristallo elixir, two Monte Bianco shaving mousses and Gran Paradiso aftershave cream. Made without parabens, paraffin, GMO, SLES and SLS, they contain a very high percentage of essential oils that are at the basis of #Barba Italiana products.
Essential for a relaxed shave, refreshing the skin and helping to moisturize the just treated skin.