Hair styling

  • SOAVE Micellar water for hair


    Micellar water to smooth, detangle and restructure hair,


    Available in 200ml format

  • VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE strong hold hair brilliantine
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    VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE strong hold hair brilliantine


    Take the right amount of product, warm it in your hands and then apply it to dry or damp hair.


    Available in 100ml format

    HOLD 10 \ SHINE 10

    Out of stock

  • INSOLIA strong matte hair paste


    A solid texture paste with extreme hold.It models and supports any type of hair.


    Available in 100ml format

    HOLD 10 \ SHINE 1

  • RIBOLLA hairspray


    Innovative hair spray for firm hold, to create volume and sculpting all types of style. Brushes out easily. Contains Grapeseed Oil with its high antioxidant-nourishing and energizing properties.


    Available in 300 ml format

    HOLD 8 \ SHINE 5

  • AGLIANICO Gel no gel


    Aglianico gel no gel for hair lends body and volume onto hair without weighing it down. It is ideal for creating a natural look.


    Available in 200 ml format

    HOLD 3 \ SHINE 6

  • NERO D’AVOLA Black hair gel


    Colouring gel for grey hair. For natural reflections while adding softness and shine. Non greasy.


    Available in 120ml format

    HOLD 3 \ SHINE 5

  • PRIMITIVO Discipline hair gel


    Hair gel with light hold, to model and discipline any type of hair.


    Available in 120ml format

    HOLD 5 \ SHINE 5

  • CHIANTI Hair gel-pomade


    Hair gel-pomade with a firm hold that sculpts and defines all hair types. Mix between a pomade and a gel.


    Available in 120ml format

    HOLD 7  \  SHINE 7

  • AMARONE Strong hair gel


    Hair gel with a strong hold and innovative formula to sculpt and define even the most unruly hair.


    Available in 120ml format.


    HOLD 8  \  SHINE 5

  • VALPOLICELLA Brilliantine for hair


    Brilliantine that gives texture, shine and brightness for an old-school style.


    Available in 100ml format

    HOLD 7 \ SHINE 10

  • BAROLO Fixing hair pomade


    Revolutionary pomade gel with extra-strong hold and extra-thick texture.


    Available in 100ml format

    HOLD 10 \ SHINE 5

  • NEBBIOLO Matte hair paste


    Paste with creamy texture and strong hold that shapes and supports any type of hair.


    Available in 100ml format

    HOLD 8 \ SHINE 1



Wine therapy encapsulates the ancient wisdom of care with grapes and love for the earth.

The Grapeseeds, carefully extracted from grapes from fine Italian vineyards, are rich in antioxidants and minerals. Containing valuable nutrients such as Polyphenols and Vitamins with antioxidant properties and vessel protectors (Vitamins A, C, E), they are useful to stimulate the production of collagen, regenerate the hair shaft and protect it from UV-B radiations. They also restore youth and shine to the hair.


according to the #Barba Italiana style

The styling that makes the difference: welcome to the section dedicated to the seven new products from #Barba Italiana (launched at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2016).
We've chosen to expand the range offered by introducing a finishing and styling line based on Grapeseed oil. Made without paraffin, GMO,SLES and SLS, they can be used daily and on all types of hair.

The range consists of four gels and three pastes: maximum hold, maximum shine, for impeccable style. Always. The names of the individual products are a tribute to the seven areas where the best Italian wines are produced, excellences unanimously recognized all over the world. Grapeseeds and Made in Italy are the particular references of this hi-tech line.
Some of the styling products (Amarone strong hair gel, Chianti hair gel-pomade, Primitivo hair gel, and Nero D’Avola hair gel) are kept inside the exclusive pharmaceutical aluminium tube that preserves freshness and aroma, guaranteeing maximum protection from external agents and complete respect for nature and the environment (the pharmaceutical aluminium is 100% recyclable).