Prodotti dedicati al benessere dei capelli maschili


Products dedicated to the wellness of men's hair


Prodotti professionali per lo styling acconciatura capelli


Finishing and hair styling products.


Linea per la cura della barba fluent


Products for the care of the beard.


Gamma completa per la rasatura della barba


Products for shaving the beard.






The complete line for men


#Barba Italiana is the most complete expression of the combination of tradition and innovation: it is here that the poetry of nature meets the most avant-garde research revolution, sublimating these values into the maximum aesthetic result of a totally Made in Italy concept. A global concept of male grooming ranging from beard care to hair health.


The goal is to re-launch the attention towards contemporary man in a vintage key through a wellness ritual that involves the harmony of the senses.

The naturalness of essential oils


The vitality of essential oils is at the base of the #Barba Italiana products. Present in the leaves, in the petals of the flowers, in the wood of the individual plants in the form of tiny droplets, they contain different active ingredients that contain a remarkable revitalizing power which the whole organism can benefit from.


In fact, essential oils were used since ancient times to solve numerous problems, giving wellbeing and good health.

The quality Made in Italy


It is an essential choice for #Barba Italiana that presents a range of products completely designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy, so as to guarantee the user the pluses and added values that only Made in Italy can offer: safety, design, functionality, style and attention to detail.